The Breathing World

by Colossus

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The Breathing World is a roaring beast of an album. Colossus second full length takes off where debut Wake ended, it follows the protagonists crooked journey towards clarity in a surreal and mysterious but deeply human world.

Focused and hard hitting yet exploratory and experimental, filled with
delicate songs structures, downtuned riffing, tribal rhythms and esoteric lyrics. A concept album and a musical narrative to be experienced in safe settings, headphones on, phones off, eyes closed and an eagerness to lose yourself to the power of music.

”The group's third release radiates a super heavy and riff-wise complex Colossus, that also manages to create a often intrusive atmosphere by subtle means. Elegant but rough chord progressions with a Deftones reminding melancholy and Twin Peaks like fragility. The vocals gets room to paint grey, sullen skies and covers a wider vocal range whoose narrative treats a horrifying history that feels very relevant in our political climate.” 5/6

"Already the opening track makes you gasp for breath. Niklas Erikssons singing is so mighty that you're waiting for the heavens to fall down. Metal without herd mentality." 8/10

"The trio moves between heavey, droning parts, beautiful melodious, stripped down acoustice passages and fast, technical riffs that would make Mastodon green of envy." 8/10

"So powerful you think you're sitting in a Japanese Shinkansen train at full speed. Completely unpretentious, pure and aggressive music with a burning heart of Heavy Fucking Metal for the modern age. Obey the COLOSSUS!" 8,5/10

”The Stockholm band delivers once again an intensive cameleont with transforming elements and structures. A gutsy and growling sludge metal monster wich reminds of Eyehategod and Mastodon.” 7/10

”I like this a lot actually, beautiful! No bad song on this album as the songs grow while listening to them. So it is actually hard to stop listening. Something totally different from the usual stuff. A album you just must hear!”

"Intricate musical sollutions and heavy sound without losing elegance and class. A band that can greet the future with pride and confident." 4/5

”Extremely groovy chugging verses with dangerously catchy refrains, dizzying interludes that moves the listener beyond times and spaces and crushingly heavy sludge parts. The music is evenly high quality and so varied and deep that I actually believe it will take a lot of time to really get the full sense of the album. An album that most likely will find it's way to the top when it's time to summarize the year 2015" 4/5


released February 27, 2015

Music by Niklas Eriksson & Colossus | Lyrics by Niklas Eriksson

Recorded Jul - Aug 2014 at Big Island Sounds | Produced by Tom van Heesch and Colossus | Engineered and mixed by Tom van Heesch | Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers | Cover art by Sebastian Eriksson and Johan Eliasson (



all rights reserved


Colossus Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm post-sludge trio Colossus delivers a technical yet catchy groove with equal parts brains and heart.

With their headstrong, playful and completely uncompromising music, the band have created their own personal path through the heavier rock terrain and won over the underground and critics alike to their cause.
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Track Name: Yehi Aour/Wanderers
Like withering leaves locked to the patterns of the whirling movements of a violent hurricane
Like pouring blood traces the shape of open wounds
Guided by the constant pounding rhythm in our veins

Huddling in formless bodies, skinless and raw. Left lying lonely in the pouring rain
Living on the doorsill of the apocalypse, a lifetime wasted waiting to exhale

sinking below the waterline
swallowed up and washed away

You burned our homes
You poisoned our living grounds
Left naked and exposed
Loveless, destitute and lone

We’ve nested by signposts
Built shelters out of bad advice
Anxiously watching the skies
Day by day, hour by hour

Forever lost here, orphaned and forgotten by an ever absent architect
Exiled to wander lost in our miseries blind to the crumbeling traces showing us the way

sinking below the waterline
swallowed up and washed away
Track Name: Darkling Root
I’m not feeling right
I’ve been gnawing my tounge all night
I’m not feeling well
I’ve had visits from the deepest realms of hell

Dark is seeping in
While the Shadows dance within
Gates are opened wide
And my Inner worlds projecting through day light

To claw my way through all this mental weight
All letters point to the collapse
The walls contracts the chest cave heave and shakes
Reliving memories of past

The day is rotten black - from this day so am I

await the burning morning aftermath
The roaring wildness will subside
Within the crumbling shell a seed take root
The treasures brought in by the tide

The day is rotten black - from this day so am I
The long nights waking thirst - slaked with sacramental wine

Have you ever felt the morning light blaze up inside
As sun and moon hangs dark while stars fall from the sky
have you heard the lifting fury of the trumpet call
as you loose all sense of self and identify with all

I’m not feeling right
I’ve been gnawing my tounge all night
I’m not feeling well
I’ve had visits from the deepest realms of hell
Track Name: Plumed Serpent
Carnal communion
dropping character and shedding skin
Sacrifice on silken altar
Two instruments interlocked within

Polar shifts planets realign
Slip into and out of mind
Entering your second nature
The spiral dance along the spine

Feathered wings caress my reptile skin

Hearts in union
Pumping centering the act
Steady grip on slippy surface
Balancing two heavy halves

Harmonic noise vibrates the air
Stare mortality straight in the eye
Vital energies released
Reach through flesh and light

Feathered wings caress my reptile skin
Track Name: Virgin's Milk
I found a way, to dissuade,
and slip into that place again
I sown the seeds, Through gifts received,
but I'd give it all to see your face again

White feathered whispers caress
The cooling shelter of your wing
The heavens linger on your breath
To quench my thirst in your sweet spring

A shining soul to breathe
holes through this wet compact darkness
An honest passion to illuminate
A wise companion to guide my corrupted spirit
through these troubled waters
A sturdy rudder to steer me straight

Have pity on this feeble flesh
Keep shining til we meet again
Embrace me in your tender breath
Keep shining til we meet again

Each single breath a silent prayer
for your safe journey
Each blink of eye a retrospect
My haunting ghost, My fleeting angel
I'll keep you with me always
Each heartbeat sing for your embrace

Take your rest in my hard labour
Find your comfort as I transform
Mother/child/mind of light
Through this tension I`ll be reborn
Track Name: Fuga Mundi
Close the books
Pull every page out the frame
Withdraw your roots out of the earth
Leave any signs of hunger
Torn asunder

Find your way
Within the foreign shores inside
To see with clarity
Determinetely close your eyes
Live aside

leave, far far away
retreat into nourishing shades
Fade out - exit the stage
retreat into nourishing shades

I walk into the murky waters
No fear to cloud the cold descend
Feeding the hungry ghosts around me
They'll be my guides throughout the end

Stay focused on the breath within breath
The tide and ebb of thoughts subside
Illusatory veils surround me
Pierce the lies to the other side

Im falling within
To the birth of man and eternal sin
The pulsing tone of life surrounds me in my cell
I'm drinking from an everflowing well

Planets spin but time stands still
The world revolve around my will
I'm one with the one and all that ever was
All signs of personality is lost

I weave full tapestries of new worlds
I rewrite the language of life
I concieve of ancient lives past by
I am all and nought an always will

In this realm
Invaluable treasures hide
Find your way to these shores
Determinately close your eyes
Track Name: Whetstone
Blinding flashing red,
A thousand angry thoughts scream
inside your head

Tendons strain and nerves ache
Statues break in this
Frozen, raw communion
Minds awake

Sharpen your mind on that whetstone
Gritting teeth,
Unloading wailing ghosts here
spirits flee

Sit with this suffering
A Path through pain to purify
Grieve and cleanse your sins
A Path through pain to purify

Sit with this suffering
A Path through pain to purify
Breathe and look within
A Path through pain to purify

Broken but Clean,
The open wound in your mind
Cleansed of pus and dirt
Healed, pure, cool and sound

Fluttering butterfly wings
Lifts the dust and clears the view
The flowing tears washes away
mud and caked blood
The hardened soil loosenes
the barren landscape fertile once more
Dig through the layers to within

Cool, untouched water
The still pool offers wisdom
Drink and recieve
the knowledge that was always yours

Stand aware
Track Name: The Silent City
Crumbling stone brick breathe
Shimmering in the dim setting sun
tree roots roaming the streets
Heading for the one gone beyond

Sleepy dust trails crawl
Gaping building are howling
Wandring Unbeings callw
Surrounding forrest stand bowing

Deep within the city core
Winding trails from time before
Unobstructed passagways to daylight

In the sighing midnight winds
Echoeing sounds of wisdom sings
Whispering words that guide insight

We`ll ligh the torche
We`ll spread the flame along

Amidst the silent stars
Face the final fears
Appearances are emptiness
World of man disappears
Nothing left to affect this day

Cut through all the stale vexations
The dream destroyed
Reality is void

Silent inner mass
Collective strength change pace
Atoms spinning fast
Temple life leads the way

We`ll ligh the torche
We`ll spread the flame along